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xXxDanger's gameplay for Need for Speed: Undercover (PS3)

xXxDanger played Need for Speed: Undercover

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xXxDanger said...
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I met a cool new mate that I partnered with during our Cops & Robbers marathon. Super fun and outrageously spontaenous. I never thought that I'd end up having a descent conversation with a gamer on NFSU. We discovered that we are a great team. Dominating each other even when there were times we weren't on the same team. I guess I'll fill you all in on that. Hmmm, lets see...
*rubs chin*

When we're on the same team, I back him up.
As Cops: I rush in the opposite direction heading towards the robbers to pin them against the wall as he sits in the housery area waiting on them to attempt to drop off the money.

As Robbers: I tackle the cops as they follow behind him and block them from attempting to bring him to a hault of dropping the money off.

When we're not on the same team, I play around with him.
Me as Cop, He as robber: When he gets the money I chase him, tail gating him, car bumping him into the housery to drop off the money to piss my associate(s) off. Lol

Me as Robber, He as cop: I tackle him and bring him to a hault by blocking him from getting a hold of my associate(s). Whenever I get the money, he'll most likely be there waiting on me but then I notice him before hand on the map. From that point I ram him into the wall turning his car sideways (This gives me time to haul ass as he backs up and follows a bit far behind).

So, as you see we're a perfect match. Now if you wanna join us on our side of the Cops & Robbers, then just contact me on the PSN: Triple-XD. I'm online daily so don't worry.

Also, if you wanna contact me some other way just e-mail me at morbidblu@aol.

I should soon be making a new e-mail address with my field to it.
Need for Speed: Undercover

Need for Speed: Undercover (PS3)

Genre/Style: Racing/Sports Car Racing
Release Date: 17/NOV/08
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