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xXxDanger's gameplay for Need for Speed: Undercover (PS3)

xXxDanger played Need for Speed: Undercover

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I really don't want to go into full details but I will say this; having a Cops&Robbers match with some of the greatests players total to 8 was seriously overboard hilarious. I was dying in laughter. Talk about wanting to get a crack out of some senseless fun. ^_^ The people on our team: Me, Lear_GT4, G-MEN, and EL-PANDY-09 vs Gosai and others that I really payed no attention to. Lol. What made it so funny was that everyone knew where the money was. It was more like a cat and mouse type thing. 4 Cats waiting on 1 mouse to get to the cheese before it steps into our trap. I'm telling you...you want fun you can get fun in our game. Good ol' times.
Need for Speed: Undercover

Need for Speed: Undercover (PS3)

Genre/Style: Racing/Sports Car Racing
Release Date: 17/NOV/08
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